RapLikeThis was founded by a group of emcees from Canada who were actively touring and recording music during the 1990s and 2000’s. Some of the artists included in this group were globally touring, and had hits on the radio throughout their careers. Most have moved on, but some still are actively involved in the Canadian hip hop community.

During their time, they witnessed the digital transformation of music. Streaming services and social media were just starting and while it may have negatively disrupted the music industry in some ways, it created some incredible opportunities for independent artists. Specifically; hip hop artists. Connecting on platforms and networking with peers, tours were set up across the world, deals were signed, and collaborations were made that would have never been possible. The internet’s transformation into web 2.0 created new possibilities to be heard not only by the industry, but by fans.

Over time platforms became saturated. Groups exist in pockets on other platforms to share and promote music, but there is a gap. And that gap is exactly what we intend to fill with raplikethis.com. A place for rappers, made by rappers. A place where you can come and listen to independent artists' new music and find out about shows and releases. And most importantly, a place where artists can connect with each other, identify who they work with or support, and create opportunities.

We are incredibly thankful for the investors that believe in this idea through our seed rounds raising capital to develop this platform – and most importantly the artists who have jumped onboard to date.

We have some significant things planned for this platform, and it’s ability. Stay tuned… and thank you.

RapLikeThis Founders (Some old, OG’s)